About This Blog

Hi, I’m Locky, the creator of Soccer Stickers FC.

I am a huge football fan and have been following it for years. I grew up playing Football Manager, then Championship Manager, and Pro Evolution Soccer. Also, I’m a passionate supporter of Arsenal.

Collecting stickers and cards (mostly stickers) started out as a hobby and eventually I started making money out of it, which is pretty cool. As of now, I consider myself as a 50/50 collector/investor, where an investor holds stickers or cards predicting they will appreciate. Some stickers I will never sell and others I will hold and wait for the right time to sell. I have 1000’s of stickers and, I believe, each sticker has a story of its own. Some can make you money, others hold sentimental value and others are simply players we love.

I can be found on various social media platforms including Instagram (Soccer Stickers FC and Soccer Cards FC), Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. In most cases I am sharing my collection to the world and, hopefully, inspiring others to get involved.

The aim of this blog is to provide valuable insight to future, or current, collectors and investors. Because I am a football fanatic, I keep up to date with all the latest news and especially keep an eye out for the next star rookie. I also think this website can be a valuable resource acting as a database, helping people know what to look for in specific sets.

Whether you are a collector, investor, both or completely new, I am sure this blog can be of value to you.

I am always available and happy to answer anyone’s questions. Pop in and say hi!

A big thank you for anyone that has got this far! I hope you enjoy my blog and happy collecting!

What is this Blog?

Soccer Stickers FC
A soccer card blog with breakdowns on the latest, and old, cards and stickers.

The blog aims to be a guide for collectors or soccer card investing by condensing huge sets into top 10 lists, often featuring rookie stickers and rookie cards.

This blog can act as a useful resource for those who want quick information about a given set. Additionally, it is the perfect website for those who are beginners in soccer card collecting and soccer card investing.

This blog doesn’t really outline soccer card valuations or who is the most valuable rookie card. Rather, it gives readers an idea of who to look for in each set.

Panini and Topps have 1000s of sets. Hopefully this website can help you tackle the giant task of going through them all!

How I Rank Sets

When making the Top 10 lists, I take into account a few factors.

First – how big a players reputation is, whether that be a legend of the game or a youngster with high potential.
Second – whether a sticker is a rookie or close to their rookie season.
Third – the players specific performance the season or tournament the set corresponds with.

When combining these criteria, rookie stickers have highest chance of making the list. If it’s a rookie of a legend that had a huge season that year, it’s likely going to be taking the number 1 spot, or very close to.

When writing on newer collections and tournaments that have yet to occur at the time of writing, there is quite a lot of speculation involved. I tend to focus on rookie cards who have a chance on a big future. Naturally, these articles are subject to revision in future years when a clearer picture has been painted.

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